The Rock Refutes Rumor He Owns Stan the T-Rex

The Manning Cast is a wonderful alternative medium that features Peyton and Eli Manning throwing up middle fingers, cursing, lobbing softball questions at A-list friends and apparently, setting off a social media firestorm regarding prehistoric relics.

Earlier this week, the brothers welcomed on beloved-actor, iconic ex-wrestler and and seemingly impenetrable teddy bear Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Eli noticed a dinosaur skull in the back of The Rock’s office and questioned him about it, only for The Rock to go into detail about it being a T-Rex named Stan. It didn’t take long for the internet to start digging and subsequently spreading the fact that Stan was sold at auction in 2020 for a staggering it took everything in me not to make a stegosaurus pun $31.8 million.

Now, that may seem like lofty territory for office decor with a price tag that more aligns with Jeff Bezos’s foyer territory, but The Rock is good for it. Per a likely inaccurate internet search, Johnson is worth an estimated $400 million. Sure, I can’t imagine spending around 1/12 of my wealth on a dinosaur skull, but I’m sure he could afford lunch afterwards. Anyway, it turned out not to be true as he explained on Instagram.

I guess we’ll just have to leave it to Nicholas Cage to steal at some point as the plot of National Treasure 14. While The Rock not owning the real Stan seems to be the story here, I would like to focus on something else. What an absolutely incredible rumor to have spread about you, no?

Typically, celebrity gossip is deciding whether or not someone was on bath salts at the Golden Globes or who is willing to admit they dated Flavor Flav, but here you have my man The Rock having to make a statement saying, “oh yeah, while I am mega-wealthy, I’m not the mega-wealthy dude who bought the actual dinosaur, but I do have friends in the dinosaur field.”

Hell, that’s another part of this. The Rock has paleontologist friends? No one in the world actually knows paleontologists other than Indiana Jones and Ross Geller, but not my man The Rock. Other celebrities are playing checkers with, “oh have you met my friend Michael Cera” and Johnson is over here playing chess with, “oh, sorry I can’t today because I’m going to get Pinkberry with my paleontologist pals.”

That’s remarkably badass. Who else is at The Rock’s dinner parties? Cartographers? Explorers? Marine biologists? I don’t know how, but I need an invite to these. Maybe I’ll become an antique unicycle dealer or something. Just have to catch the big man’s eye.

Needless to say, if the rumors you are forced to address are, “sorry, that T-Rex skull actually isn’t mine,” you have really, really made it. Congrats, Dwayne.

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