Steak-umm Twitter Account Goes All-In on Neil Degrasse Tyson

Twitter is a dangerous place. Yours truly once made the egregious mistake of crossing a pop star’s “stan” Twitter hoard and barely made it out to tell the tale. It appears as if Neil deGrasse Tyson did not get the memo as he made a seemingly innocuous tweet and who decided they wanted all the smoke? You’re damn right it was the Steak-umm official account.

If you had a frozen beef supplier going all in on a middle-of-the-night Twitter feud with as astrophysicist on your 2021 Bingo card, then more power to you. This was not your run-of-the-mill verified business account taking someone to task for clout like you see when @Wendys goes scorched Earth on @McDonalds, this one is personal. Don’t believe me?

Of course, this elicited a stew slew of “Steam-umm has ‘beef'” tweets. I cannot imagine the job posting for the social media included a line about “post tweets promoting our delicious steak product and/or going hard as a mother f***** in science discussions,” but here we are. Now, any discussion delving into the minutia of science and the theorizing of science is not in my repertoire. You’re looking at a guy who made a C in geology in college. Sorry, dad. That said, the tweets served as a Batman signal of sorts to the scientific community as doctors and researchers flocked to take up for Steak-umm. Don’t believe me? Go down the rabbit hole for yourself.

You may be asking yourself, did NGT get off the mat? Did he make an eloquent point of his own to combat the social media rage emanating from Steak-umm? Did he challenge them to a science decathlon? If you chose Option D that he would use the moment to try to sell some swag, congratulations, you nailed it.

While some may be confused as to how this unlikeliest of feuds got under way, no matter what, Steak-umm comes out as the winner. Why? Because running a social media account is all about marketing, reaching eyeballs, and staying on the fronts of consumers’ minds; and here we are on a Tuesday morning, in a time with an array of wildly important topics to discuss, completely fixated on…Steak-umm.

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