NYC Naked Cowboy Arrested in Daytona

The Naked Cowboy, a Times Square staple, was arrested in Daytona during Bike Week on charges of panhandling, according to Click Orlando. Video of the apprehension has over 91,000 views as of Wednesday afternoon.

Arresting the Naked Cowboy for panhandling is like arresting the Hamburglar for stealing hamburgers or Uber drivers for unsolicited descriptions of their Etsy side hustle or Kim Kardashian for ruining her love interests’ careers. It’s just what he does. What I learned today is the Naked Cowboy, or Robert Burck as his mama named him, is 50 years old. I think at this point he’s officially a Cowman.

Daytona Bike Week figures to bring thousands from around the country as it does every year, but with a particular uptick due to the Sunshine State’s increased leniency on Covid restrictions compared to other states. According to Click Orlando, Burck is a mainstay at Bike Week each year, which is refreshing as you don’t typically hear of too many New Yorkers coming down to Florida.

While the law is the law, as someone that has lived through a bike week coming through their town, panhandling should fall in police’s priority list somewhere below “bigger fish to fry.” Daytona has a Hooters, a beach you can drive on, and Coyote Ugly’s with an onslaught of overweight men from the Midwest all named Rick or Darryl coming down with six months of winter aggression pent up. Maybe the aging exhibitionist trying to make a few bucks can have a blind eye turned to him is all I’m saying.

We stand to be just a few years away from his patented white underpants being traded in for a disposable pair of Depends, but for now, let’s let sleeping Naked Cowboys lie.

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