NCAA Kicks Oregon State out of their Hotel on Night of Loss

The NCAA has famously planted their feet in the ground where it says, “let’s not allow players to make money off their talent and hard work like any other American can.” Apparently, they don’t think losers deserve a good night’s sleep, either, as they booted the Oregon State basketball team from their hotel following Monday night’s loss, according to Nick Saschel of The Oregonian.

What a way to go out. Imagine you’re Oregon State: you’re picked to finish dead-last in the PAC-12; you grind out a respectable 14-12 regular season record; you run the table in the PAC-12 Tournament with wins over Final Four-bound UCLA, Sweet 16 Oregon, and a ranked Colorado team to make the tourney; you reel off three more upset wins to reach the Elite Eight before falling to Houston in an admirable effort. Then, after all of that, you get back to your hotel, exhausted and distraught, to find out you’re not even allowed to sleep it off as you’re told to pack your things and catch the red-eye. It’s almost as if the NCAA is headed up by Tony Perkis.

The NCAA is making close to a billion dollars off of a tournament that is popular in large part to unpredictable underdog stories like that of the Beavers. Yet when it comes time for a little generosity in return, they’re met with the uncomfortable conversation of a one-night stand, “yeah, so uh, you should probably get going, right? I’ve got a busy day tomorrow.” You can’t just give the team one more night at the Ramada? Really? You’re not good for it, NCAA?

Between their already sanctimonious and acrimonious reputation, the women’s equipment fiasco, and now this, the NCAA is appearing to lean into their role of a WWE heel.

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