FS1 Toying with Idea of Judge Judy-like Show for $32-Million Man Skip Bayless

In efforts to suppress any notion that FS1 executives think sports fans are intelligent, reports have surfaced that the network is considering a “Skip Bayless courtroom sports debate show, a la Judge Judy,” according to Front Office Sports.

LOS ANGELES – APRIL 14: Episodic coverage of Judge Judy for the CBS special. Judge Judy Sheindlin’s tough but fair approach to justice will be on display in a primetime one-hour special that will feature excerpts from the 1993 60 minutes profile that led to Judge Sheindlin being discovered by Hollywood, on JUDGE JUDY PRIMETIME, Tuesday, May 20 (8:00 PM-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. (Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images)

Bayless agreed to a four-year and $32-million contract extension last week, a $2 million raise per annum, after flirtations with ESPN about reuniting with his old BAE Stephen A. Smith. Other than avoiding Troy Aikman’s fists, Bayless will spend his time continuing on Undisputed, which is essentially the Pepsi version of his old show First Take.

FOS’s report said the potential new courtroom show would task core FS1 talent with debating in front of Bayless, who would then make a ruling on the victor. In case Bayless did not have enough of a God complex, the potential of having the one-all-be-all decision of whose opinion is “right” should do the trick.

Maybe FS1 is considering the show due to Bayless looking a striking amount like Judge Judy. If that’s the case, they should also do a show about him where he is a grandmother from the Deep South who “ain’t takin’ no lip no neither.” Or they could consider a show about what Lance Armstrong would look like in 30 years if he only ate a diet of kale, egg whites, and narcissism each day.

Regardless, if there is anything America needs in the year of our Lord 2021, it’s finality to GOAT debates, legacy impacts, and NFC North power rankings, unequivocally arbitrated by one Skip Bayless.

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