Early 2000s Kids Get on Your Feet; It’s TikTok Time

At the time of this writing, I am 30 years old. I am not clamoring to the last vestiges of my youth, as much of that left with the front of my hairline. I don’t say cheugy, I don’t smoke grape-cherry vapes, and I definitely don’t have TikTok. Hell, when a friend of mine sends me a TikTok, I get redirected to a browser so I can view it; though to be honest, there should be a little window that pops up in-between that says, “this content is not intended for you.” That’s what made this recent TikTok I came across confounding to the core.

That’s right. Eat your heart out Gen Z, as 53-year-old Tony Hawk and 36-year-old Avril Lavigne are taking to your favorite platform. These two were vital to my youth, as I am sure they were to many in my generation. Many a nights were spent in elementary and middle school playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater until I got the same Sublime song stuck in my head for an entire summer. Lavigne’s “Let Go” album that featured Sk8r Boi and Complicated made me realize at the age of 12 that “ADULTS WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND ANYTHING AND THIS ANGST IS REAL AND YOU JUST DONT GET IT.”

Now, they’re teaming up on TikTok? What a world. I mean, Hawk bummed all of us out when he stopped doing tricks the other month, and as for Lavigne…a lot of us thought she was part of the biggest music conspiracy since Paul McCartney. Insert the Paul Rudd Hot Ones gif here.

Honestly, I have nothing to say here. I just wanted everyone to see it. I don’t know how these two got linked up, but it looks like Lavigne has invested her money well the last two decades. I am all for more of these mashups. How about we get New Boyz to rap at a Pollo Tropical? Maybe Hurricane Chris is doing a Mideastern Atlantic cooking show? Perhaps David Archuleta enjoying a refreshing orange soda? The possibilities are endless.

Props to anyone that understood those horrendous attempts at jokes without clicking the links. For the rest of you, enjoy the songbird of our time, Avril Lavigne.

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